The evergreen on the ICE SLUSH horizon, dozens of flavors allow a variety of colorful and tasty variations.
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ICE SLUSH AND ICE COKTAIL are once again the eye-catcher of the season.

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ICEREX Organic Lemonade

Refreshing organic lemonade

"365 days of summer in your glass"
We constantly monitor our suppliers with regard to ecology and sustainability and place the highest value in the satisfaction of our customers.
We constantly keep our partners and customers up to date with our developments and strive to combine tradition with innovation.
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20 Years of

Since 2000, our ever-growing customer base has relied on our excellent service in the extended catering industry in the areas of ice and ice slush machines, beverage coolers and hot beverage machines. We also offer a variety of frozen drinks such as granita, cocktails, fruit juices, organic lemonades, smoothies, coffee, cappuccino and tea slush – like this you get everything you need from a single source.

Not only do our machines impress with their cult-design look and their high quality, they are also easy to maintain and handle.

In addition to our wide selection of slush machines and beverage coolers, we also offer a diverse product range of slush varieties, organic juices and soft drinks, which always provide a delightful refreshment and impress with their 100% natural flavour.

Our organic juices and lemonades are completely free from additives in order to guarantee your customers a feeling of originality and purity in the beverage and event industry.

To implement this, we have selected special organic farms from Anatolia – only in this way you can bring your customers the unique pleasure of summer into their drinking cup!

With our large selection of ICEREX Slush Yard Cups, there is something for everyone: wether you’re old or young, or you prefer SLUSH ICE, GRANITA, SLUSH COCKTAILS or FROZEN ICED – we have a cup for everyone! In addition, the ICEREXSlush Yard Cups are made of “PP” plastic, so they are refillable.

ICEREX always fits the bill when cool indulgence is called for!

That’s why ICEREX Slush is the perfect companion for small family celebrations, parties, weddings, gas stations, fast food chains, hotels and all other top summer events for an unforgettable pleasure experience in countless taste variations. Whether as a classic slush or an innovative cocktail.

ICEREX Slush Ice and Lemonade, as well as our innovative IceSlush Cocktail creations, bring people together despite “social distancing” rules.

Our illuminated containers are the eye-catcher par excellence. Attract all eyes on you and secure more sales!


We coordinate our innovation steps precisely to the current market and always act on the trend of the times.


We expand our market by customer satisfaction placing great value on loyalty to regular customers. This guarantees a steady growth.


We are aware of our social responsibility and expand our networks competently and with consideration for global contexts. We focus on ecology and sustainability.
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